Assisted living for all types of people.

There isn’t a resident we can’t accommodate.

At Intuitive Residential Care we can assist anyone needing long-term to comprehensive care. Our staffing ratios are unique in that we provide 2 caregivers – 5 residents with 24/7 awake staff. We pride ourselves on much higher staffing levels than you’re likely find at larger communities, allowing us to interconnect medical tasks and lifestyle for each person. Providing a creative, holistic approach to enriching the lives of our residents. Our team is trained in relationship based care, creating enrichment opportunities that address the fundamental human needs.

Jennifer Bustamante

Owner | Intuitive Residential Care

The number one question asked by people who are evaluating long term options is, will my loved one have to move if behavioral issues arise? And the answer is No – absolutely not. We have created a clear care structure that moves beyond the no longer meeting criteria to a more holistic approach in allowing a person to age in place. We feel honored to provide solutions, turning a difficult situation into a happy, fulfilling experience. We take a special interest in getting to know a person’s experiences past and present, the purpose is to provide individuals with multifaceted intentional support, cultivating a safe place to choose their life design and not to be just a service.

Explore Our Care Options

We offer 24/7 support for your loved one.

Intuitive Residential Care provides the Base Level of Care to all our residents. However, every person is different and additional care may be recommended. During a preliminary evaluation we will assess and provide feedback for a defined level of care needed in unison with our base level of care.


Respite Care

Our respite program provides the option for a short-term break.


Memory Care

For moderate to severe dementia or other cognitive impairments.


Continued Rehab

Our staff are trained in helping residents in physical therapy.


Hospice Care

We partner with palliative and hospice care organizations.

  • Memory Care
  • Long Term Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Comprehensive Medical Care
  • Respite Care
  • Residential Care
  • Behavioral Support
  • Continued Rehabilitation
  • Hospice Care
  • Nutritional Support
  • Diabetic Management
  • Adult Foster Care

Our Team of Care Warriors

We meet people right where they are.

We lead positive change with a deeper understanding and appreciation for our care warriors! By honoring our own stories, helping caregivers to achieve greatness for success in their work life. Building relationships, placing focus on results that truly matter by creating leaders. We feel by developing strong bonds, this will equip each individual to show up and show out and ultimately love what they’re doing or while living in their purpose.

Respite care for your loved one.

We encourage friends and families to be a part of life with their loved ones here at IRC.

Safe and quality accommodations provide individuals with multifaceted intentional support, cultivating a safe place to navigate healing. We focus on short-term residential care that allows rest and access to medical support services.

We offer continued rehabilitation.

Rehab, physical therapy (PT) and continued skilled care plans.

Our staff are trained in helping residents with moving, balance, walking,
ROM and performing other physical activities. wheelchairs, walkers, or other assistive devices. Occupational therapy (OT) Assisting independent with self-care and other daily tasks, such as eating, getting dressed, typing on the computer and using the telephone.

The best memory care in Oregon.

Intuition means the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

At Intuitive Residential Care we specialize in moderate to severe dementia or other cognitive impairment support. This includes supervision (24 hours a day), communication techniques, and management of higher level of behaviors.

Hospice care level-3 community.

We know how important it is for your loved ones to age in place.

Intuitive Residential Care offers round the clock care to help manage pain and other symptoms. Coordinating care with our care team and doctors, we specialize in providing emotional, spiritual and physical support for residents and their families.


Why choose Intuitive Residential Care?

All residents are welcome.

Licensed as a level 3 home, we are equipped and trained to care for comprehensive needs such as: 2 person transfers, hoyers, elopement risks, foley, g-tube, feeding assistance, Dementia and or cognitive/emotional support. We feel it’s important to lead our team in participating in one on one time, music, arts & crafts, reminiscing and remembering the good times with our residents. It’s these natural intentional engagements that ensure your loved one receives the core fundamental human needs.

We have two assisted living locations, conveniently located and currently serving both the West Salem and Mt. Angel communities. For more information please contact the owner Jen Bustamante to schedule your family tour.